You’re Not Alone - 40% Struggle or Can’t Swallow Pills!

Marissa Harkness
August 15, 2022

Are you or a loved one part of the 40% that struggle or can’t swallow pills?

You will learn more about this issue and the importance of learning this skill. 

NOTE: If you are looking for easy Tips & Tricks to learn how to swallow pills, click here.

At the end of this blog, you will understand the magnitude of pill swallowing difficulties, along with the benefits of learning for your overall health and well-being.

Do you remember when you first learned how to swallow pills? Was your first experience when you had a headache, allergic reaction, or were prescribed medication? If so, you are like the majority of the population! The issue is that learning under pressure or at a time of stress often leads to a negative experience, potentially causing future pill swallowing difficulties. 

Pill swallowing is an important life skill that provides comfort, health, and financial benefits.

#1 - Comfort

You will feel at ease knowing that you or your loved one can take needed medication. This can reduce fear and anxiety associated with medications, as you will know how to swallow pills when the need arises. 

#2 - Health

There are also significant benefits to dosing accuracy, as pills are a far more accurate dose than liquid. You may find that a medication you have been prescribed, or could be prescribed, only comes in pill form preventing you from getting the care you need. 

#3 - Financial 

Pill forms of medication are 5 to 100x less expensive than the liquid or chewable alternatives.  Pills are also more convenient as there is less concern with heat, have longer expiration dates, and are easier to travel with than liquid medications.

Ultimately, knowing how to swallow pills will result in great benefits for your well-being.

Despite all these benefits, the FDA cites that an alarming 40% of adult Americans struggle or are unable to swallow pills. Shockingly, less than a quarter discuss this problem with a doctor or healthcare professional. Additionally, 8 percent admit to skipping a dose of prescribed medication and 4 percent have discontinued their medication regimen because the pills were too difficult to swallow.

If you are struggling or can’t swallow pills, learn more about the Pill Skills Method for additional help!

We hope you have learned more about the importance of actively learning this life skill.

We would love to hear from you! 

What was your or your child’s first experience learning how to swallow pills? If you still haven't learned, is there a reason?

Please leave comments in the section below!

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