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The Pill Skills Beginner Kit includes detailed instructions, practice pills increasing in size and divided into 7 levels, helpful hints, and a progress log to help teach the user how to swallow pills.

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Kit Dimensions: 7.0 x 3.3 x 1.0 inches
Weight: 4.4 ounces
Language: English
Ages: 3+

Design: The Pill Skills Beginner Kit is your solution to pill swallowing difficulties. This product helps put your mind at ease knowing you can swallow pills if the time of need arises. Our kit builds one’s confidence and creates a positive experience when learning this skill.

Practice Pills: Kit includes over 175 practice pills. Pills are sugar based placebos made from inactive ingredients. Contains both tablet and caplet shapes. Sizes range from 2.8 mm to 11 mm. These practice pills are divided into 7 levels, with up to 3 pill sizes per level.

Instructions: The instructions are based on existing medical research. It serves as a step by step guide that teaches the user how to swallow pills.

Allergens: Does not contain milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, and gluten. Vegan and non-GMO.

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20 reviews for Pill Skills Beginner Kit

  1. Andy D

    This is an amazing product. I bought this for my 7 year old autistic son who has significant food sensitivity, which meant taking children's Tylenol in either liquid or chewable form was akin to torture. And the prospect of swallowing a full sized pill with no practice was untenable. But even just the two tiny starter sizes of this pack was enough to get him confident enough to then zip through the rest of the sizes. Now he's taking regular pill forms of medicines he needs without an issue. This product is a literal life saver.

    • Samantha Harkness

      Thank you! That's wonderful to hear. Happy that your son now has no issue swallowing pills.

  2. Cindy G

    Got this product for my 11 year old kid. it easily taught him to swallow pills.

    • Marissa Harkness

      That's wonderful! So glad to hear.

  3. Tammy Jenkins

    Wish I had a product like this when I was a kid! Got it for my children so they won't struggle to swallow pills like I do

    • Marissa Harkness

      It's great that you're teaching your children proactively so that it does not become a future problem for them. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Laura

    The beginner kit was so helpful in getting my daughter comfortable with swallowing pills. Now she has no fear no matter what kind of medication I need to give her. This has made our lives so much easier!

    • Marissa Harkness

      Love to hear that it has made your lives easier! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Maria F.

    I have struggled to swallow pills for most of my life. I came across this kit and i thought I would check it out. Now I have no issue swallowing advil when I have headaches.

    • Marissa Harkness

      Awesome! So glad to hear that you're now able to get the medication you need.

  6. Baily Swefter

    Product arrived quickly. It as colorful and made my kids excited to use it. Worked well in teaching them!

    • Marissa Harkness

      Thanks for the feedback! Happy to hear that your kids were excited to use it.

  7. Beth

    Nice product, worked great for my kid!

    • Marissa Harkness

      Love to hear it!

  8. Cris Y

    worked for my kid

    • Marissa Harkness

      Great to hear!

  9. Pam Whitlok

    No longer have to worry about my son getting his ADHD medication after using this kit.

    • Marissa Harkness

      Thanks for sharing! Happy to hear that you no longer have to stress about your son getting the medication he needs.

  10. Dawn Porrey

    I tried Pill Skills with 3 of my kids. My two boys were successful at completing the kit and being able to swallow pills. However, my daughter on the other hand who has struggled for several years has come a long way. She can now swallow pills up to size 4. We know this is baby steps but like most baby steps it takes time to get to the goal. I am confident the more she works on achieving this as a goal, it will sincerely benefit her in the long run. We have faith that she will get there. Thanks Marissa and Samantha of Pill Skill for caring enough to bring this great product to market.

    • Marissa Harkness

      Thanks for the kind words! We are happy to hear your boys completed the kit and sounds like your daughter made great progress too. As you mentioned, we suggest practicing the kit multiple times, as well as trying all of the helpful hints, for those who may experience extra difficulty swallowing pills.

  11. Kerry East

    Pill skills is an amazing product that works! My daughter struggled to swallow pills for years. She needed to learn quickly because a life-saving drug was coming out for her, but only in pill form. We followed the suggested steps with the pill skills kit. In the beginning she was able to swallow the smallest pills to build her confidence and work her way up to the bigger pills. I highly recommend giving it a try!

    • Marissa Harkness

      Thanks for sharing! We appreciate your support and are glad to hear about the successful experience your daughter had.

  12. Cole Miller

    Nice product. Helped to actually teach me to swallow pills compared to aids

    • Marissa Harkness

      Glad to hear!

  13. Tony

    Great product

    • Marissa Harkness

      Thanks for the review!

  14. Jacki T

    I've struggled swallowing pills my whole life. I still had some success but was not able to complete the last level.

    • Marissa Harkness

      Some progress is a great start! We always recommend trying the Pill Skills Beginner Kit again for those who don't have success on the first try. Also, be sure to try each helpful hint a few times before moving onto the next.

  15. Sara Martinez

    Bought this for my 18 year old daughter who has always struggled to swallow pills. She was able to get up to pill size 6 and has less fear.

    • Marissa Harkness

      Happy to hear your daughter has made progress! If time passes, she could always try the kit again and may experience even further success. We are also in the process of developing a tool used to help people with more significant pill swallowing difficulties.

  16. Jamie

    Ive struggled swallowing pills for most of my life. Seems like a cool product, excited to try it out

    • Marissa Harkness

      We're excited for you to try it out! Looking forward to hearing about your experience.

  17. Jen

    Used this to teach my twins how to swallow pills!

    • Marissa Harkness

      We are happy to hear that your twins had a good learning experience!

  18. Brian Katz

    Bought this for my granddaughter. Helped her learn to swallow pills.

    • Marissa Harkness

      Great to hear your granddaughter learned how to swallow pills!

  19. Jayla Alves

    Bought this for my mom because she struggled with her daily meds. It helped her

    • Marissa Harkness

      Thanks for sharing! Glad it helped.

  20. Kristen

    pills skills helped my three kids learn to swallow pills with ease and fun! I will be recommending this product to everybody! Thank you so much for this very helpful product.

    • Marissa Harkness

      So great to hear! We appreciate the kind words.

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