Two Sisters Inspired to Help Their Mom

Samantha Harkness
August 8, 2022

My mom has never been able to swallow pills!

Growing up, I remember her carrying around a bottle of children’s liquid Motrin in her purse. She would take a swig of it whenever she had a headache, whether at an amusement park, restaurant, or our soccer games. My brother (Dylan), sister (Marissa), and I used to tease her about it! She would look around the room and sneak a sip, because she was embarrassed by her inability to swallow pills.

While on its own the problem may seem small, it led to bigger issues in my mom’s everyday life. She had inconsistent dosing of her medication. There were also inconveniences like the liquid leaking into her purse or going bad when kept in hot temperatures. My mom was also spending significantly more money taking liquid medicine than if she had just been able to swallow pills. Even worse, she would forgo taking medications and refused going to the doctor for any reason, in fear of being prescribed something that she couldn’t take. While she has no physical swallowing issues, she created a mental barrier when it came to swallowing pills.

My sister and I clearly care for our mom and wanted to help her. We dug a little deeper  and found that 40% of adult Americans struggle or are unable to swallow pills. Through discovery interviews, we learned my mom is not alone in this problem.

This led to the creation of Pill Skills.

Months after completing our initial product, my very own mom was prescribed a daily pill medication. Fortunately, she had just learned how to swallow pills, thanks to the Pill Skills Beginner Kit, our first solution of many. She is now able to get the medication she needs to live a longer and healthier life.

Whether it’s a baby that gets an inconsistent dose, a little girl that needs a life saving drug, a mom who needs daily hormonal therapy or a grandpa that needs heart medication - we want to help people get the medication they need, just like our mom.

We hope you realize the passion we have towards caring for people and helping to improve their well-being.

Let’s hear from you. Do you or a loved one struggle to swallow pills? What problems have you encountered?

Please share with us in the comments section below.

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