Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

Meet Monica

Monica is one of the early members of Pill Skills and is the inspiration behind choosing it as our first endeavor. If it wasn't for our mom, this product might not even exist today!

In over 40 years, she has never learned how to swallow pills. She does not have an inherent swallowing disorder, she just gets in her head and is unable to swallow the pill. We quickly learned that 40% of adult Americans struggle with or cannot swallow pills. Instead of overcoming the problem, she decides to either forgo taking medication, or she still buys children’s liquid medicines! If she could just swallow a pill, her life could become easier. Especially in the future, when she is older and will likely require medications / vitamins only made in pill form.

Originally, we were dedicated to creating a product to help her swallow pills. While products exist to aid someone in this process, we wanted to create something that would ultimately teach her to swallow a pill. Our mom is a teacher and the rest of the family is into engineering, so this is right up our alley. We began by trying to teach our mom how to swallow pills. However, since this has been a lifelong issue for her, we eventually came to the conclusion that her problem may not exist today if she was taught how to swallow pills as a child.

Therefore, we changed our initial product idea to one that will teach children how to swallow pills, which is the product you see today. We have developed the Pill Skills Beginner Kit with the goal to teach children proactively, before the need to swallow a pill arises. By gaining confidence in swallowing a variety of pills that vary in size, shape, texture, and hardness, future negative experiences may be avoided. By teaching them at a young age, they will become more accustomed to swallowing pills, and hopefully not grow up to become part of the 40% that can't or struggle, like our mom. We currently have other products in design to address the market that struggle swallowing pills. We are excited to see the benefits Pill Skills can bring to the well-being of others.

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